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What is MLNP™

Why MLNP™?

What is Multi-Level Neuro-Processing?

MLNP™ is not hypno-therapy. It is a non-invasive, process which helps the brain to process and discharge this remaining "energy" activated and stored in your nervous system, thereby assisting the brain to process experiences of the past which leads to healing and optimal functioning.

MLNP™ changes your:

Thinking - gives new perspectives on faith, yourself, life, and others
Feelings - fear, guilt, shame, and other negative emotions are defused
Behaviour - predictable and reactive means of “coping” makes way for a new way of living.

... and leads to

Reduced anxiety
Relief of post-traumatic stress symptoms
Reduction of physical pain-levels
Boundaries in relationships
More creativity
Better self-perception
Focused performance enhancement
More energy than before

Let me help you to start your road of recovery

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Pleased to meet you

I am your body, and I am really fed up with you abusing me and living as if I do not even exist.

Every time you go through a difficult time or experience a traumatic incident, no matter how small or big or even how long ago it happened, I (your body) must bite the dust. I carry all the fragmented remnants, along with the feelings of helplessness, fear, pain, and anxiety deep inside me. And what are you doing? You completely ignore me or go see someone who does nothing more but to keep you talking, talking, talking!

I try my best to give you clues. I suffer from tension, insomnia, anxiety, irritation, anger, impatience, and addiction. I try to convince you that you will have to work with me to experience real healing. But you are so stubbornly stuck and used to talking for years, and simple talking does not help ME at all!
What else should I do to convince you? All these things that are so deeply embedded within me cannot be cured by the best "ordinary" pastoral and clinical efforts alone.
Please stop burying all your negative emotions and things you do not like alive within me. I would have felt like a cemetery long ago if all these things were just dead - but they are ALIVE! And I must deal with them daily!
But I have good news for you. We no longer need to go on like this….

Everyone has some kind of trauma or anxiety

If there is one thing of which I am 100% sure of (without scientific research) it is that all people in South Africa are suffering to some extent from some kind of trauma or anxiety caused by everyday experiences. What I am also sure about is that this causes immense pain and suffering among people.

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