I feel so helpless and powerless...

If there is one thing I am 100% sure of (without scientific research) it is that all people in South Africa are suffering to some extent from some kind of trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

What I am also sure about is that it causes immense pain and suffering among people. What makes me feel totally powerless at times is that I have to deal with these people every day and that my heart is going out to them.

I feel powerless because:

  • I know I can help them
  • They do not know that there is help available or do not seek the available support.
  • The perception among the general public is that PTSD is something people have to die with.
  • People think that if there is still help available, the healing process is slow and hard and that you can never completely heal from PTSD

But it seems to me that this perception does not only exist among the general public. It seems that professional caregivers are under the same impression. During our MLNP ™ training courses attendees get the chance to practice the MLNP ™ process on each other. What then amazes me is that they want to make it much harder than it actually is.

They just can't believe such a simple process can have such a drastic, curative effect in such a limited space of time. Even though the MLNP ™ process is introduced as easy, fast and powerful, it doesn't seem to catch any attention. Then we change the "easy, fast and powerful" in our heads to: "Impossible. It must be long and hard".

Easy, fast and powerful - especially when it comes to trauma and PTSD simply doesn’t exist for them. 

Well, here is an EASY, QUICK and POWERFUL process that gets rid of anxiety, trauma and PTSD - permanently!

Multi-Level Neuro-Processing

Pleased to meet you,

I am your body and I am really fed up with you abusing me and living as if I don't even exist.

Every time you go through a difficult time or experience a traumatic incident, no matter how small or big or even how long ago it happened, I (your body) has to bite the dust. I carry all the fragmented remnants, along with the feelings of helplessness, fear, pain and anxiety deep inside me. And what are you doing? You completely ignore me, or go see someone who does nothing more but to keep you talking, talking, talking!

I try my best to give you clues. I suffer from tension, insomnia, anxiety, irritation, anger, impatience and addiction. I try to convince you that you will have to work with me to experience real healing. But you're so stubbornly stuck at all the talk you've been learning for years, and talking doesn’t help ME at all!

What else should I do to convince you? All these things that are so deeply embedded within me cannot be cured by the best "ordinary" pastoral and clinical efforts alone.

So stop burying all of your negative emotions and things you don't like alive within me. I would have felt like a cemetery long ago if all these things were just dead - but they’re ALIVE! And I have to take the "punch"!

But I have good news for you. We no longer need to go on like this….


The MLNP™ process helps the brain to process and discharge this remaining "energy" activated and stored in your nervous system, thereby assisting the brain to heal.

MLNP TM  changes your:

  • Thinking - gives new perspectives on faith, yourself, life and others
  • Feelings - fear, guilt, shame and other negative emotions are defused  
  • Behaviour - predictable and reactive means of “coping” makes way  for a new way of living

... and leads to

  • reduced anxiety
  • relief of post-traumatic stress symptoms
  • reduction of physical pain-levels
  • boundaries in relationships
  • more creativity
  • self-improvement
  • better self-perception
  • focused performance enhancement
  • more life energy than before

Trauma & Addictions

Trauma doesn't just disappear...

When you experience a traumatic incident, like a car accident, your body keeps a record of it in the nervous system.

Subsequently, every time you drive past the place where the accident happened, you experience immediate neurological activation and reflexive signals like palpitations, hands sweating, anxiety in the chest, etc. Although you may think that you've already dealt with the accident (perhaps mentally, emotionally, and spiritually), these reflexive signals can't be stopped - It just happens! This may influence your ability to function and live optimally.

The reason why it is so difficult to forget (or even get over) traumatic incidents and continue to experience these emotions and physical sensations is that traumatic incidents have a cognitive, emotional and sensory impact on a person.

All "triggers" related to such an incident are burned into the brain and continue to trigger emotions and bodily sensations. This is why people still experience emotions and physical sensations when they talk about or think about a specific incident - 15, 30 or even 50 years after the incident occurred.

But it doesn’t need to be so!

You may think that you have processed a traumatic event on a spiritual, emotional and mental level, but it has not yet been fully processed before it has also been processed on a physical level.

This is the reason why it's vital to fully experience ALL dimensions of your humanity - not just emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically, but also physically to be fully healed.

Addiction is more than just drugs...

All of us know someone who is struggling with some form of addiction. Most of us also know someone who has been in a rehabilitation centre once or even multiple times.

The reason why the above methods are unsuccessful is quite simple - the intervention seems to have nothing to do with their methods but has everything to do with the client. The client must realize how dangerous the dependency is, make better choices and learn coping skills.

Such intervention methods focus primarily on the cognitive function of the brain. As we know by now, the conscious stands no chance against the subconscious functioning of the brain... and addiction is ALWAYS a subconscious function.

What is the answer?

The problem is not drugs or pornography or alcohol. Its use is merely the symptom of a deeper rooted problem. We can either choose to fight the symptoms and try to eliminate them, or we can focus on the deeper problems which are the root from which the addictive behaviour stems. But then we need to identify these and know how to deal with them.

Edgar Phillips

developed Multi-Level Neuro-Processing as a modern therapeutic model. In this video he explains what it is and how it can be applied...