"Silentia" is the Latin word for "silences". It describes and embraces my approach to each client. In both Spiritual Direction as well as MLNP Processing, silences are effectively used to help your brain to do the necessary processing by itself. It's no wonder that MLNP is referred to as the therapeutic counterpart of contemplative prayer!

What about other approaches?

If you look at the history of therapeutic relief, it can be classified in 4 main streams:  

  • Freud: Freud's psycho-analytical theories from the twentieth century form the base for many later variants. While these systems adopted different theories and techniques, all followed Freud in an attempt to achieve behavioral change by allowing customers to talk about their problems.  
  • Behaviourism: It assumes all behaviors and reflexes are either a response to some stimuli in the environment, or a consequence of that individual's history. Although behaviourists accept the important role of inheritance in determining behavior, they focus mainly on environmental factors.  
  • Cognitive approach: Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) focuses on cognitive misconceptions and behavior (eg, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes) and developing personal coping strategies aimed at solving current problems. 
  • Body and/or brain-centered therapy: This therapy form focuses on the physical experience, the embodied self, including therapeutic and holistic approaches to the body. This therapy originated in the sixties / seventies and is rapidly becoming the leading movement in the world.

    Multi-Level Neuro-Processing (MLNP) ™ naturally fits into this latest mainstream. Facilitators who already use this therapy form stand humbly amazed every day about the obvious positive changes in our clients' sense of feeling, their new way of thinking and their obvious changed behavior.

Why is it important to focus on the body?

LNP ™ is a healing process based on well researched neuro-scientific principles. These days the world of therapy is bombarded with the latest research from the neuroscience. More discoveries are made of how the brain actually works. Neuro-science has also proven that problems that other therapies often take years to defuse, can be addressed immediately. 

A simple explanation: 

We now know that: 

  • The cerebelum is the dominant part of your brain.  
  • Your uniqueness as a human being is stored in the primitive, subconcious part of your brain (cerebellum) and that this influences your perception of reality.  
  • That the cerebellum is your connection with your spiritual life. 
 So it seems that this is the part of the brain with which to work with during trauma and anxiety relief. This is where we want healing (reprogramming) to take place. Your subconcious mind has its own language which speaks in pictures, sounds, smells, touch and feelings (the sensory). Therefor is bears no fruit to speak to the subconcious mind in English, Afrikaans, Greek or any other language. You must use your brain's language (pictures, sounds, smells, touch and feelings) - in other words, your body. Your body is therefore the key to your subconcious mind. This is why we focus on the body during MLNP ™ sessions and this is also why the body is the focus of contemplative prayer and meditation.

The fact that we talk less and feel more, implies that the story (detail) is no longer the focus of the sessions, but the body itself, which then leads to total healing - without re-traumatizing the client. MLNP ™ releases the physical and emotional baggage, that has been quietly accumulated over years, enabling the client to return to his/her previous optimal functioning.

A typical example...

During 2018, a 78-year-old woman came to see one of our facilitators. Her husband (82 years old) was fatally shot before her eyes 3 months earlier. She could no longer sleep, go to the shops,  or even sit on her veranda during the day. The picture was ingrained in her mind - she could still hear the 7 shots in her head and even smell the sulfur over and over again. 

Having worked through the trauma during the first session of MLNP ™, all of the above aspects were processed in 70 minutes. When she left, she could no longer hear the shots or smell the sulfur and the intense pain in her heart was also gone.

In the follow-up session, 3 weeks later, she told us how she worked in her garden again, could sleep without taking a sleeping pill and experienced no anxiety when she went to the store. She still longs for her husband and still misses him, but the intense pain is gone!

...and one more!

Last year a Grade 11 learner came to see me. Maths was a big problem! She could study as hard and long as she could and work through many exam papers, but the moment she entered the examination room, she "blanked out". Suddenly she can't remember or recall anything. 

After working through her anxiety in two sessions, her marks increased by 23% - enough to pass her exam. What a joy!