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Specialising in Trauma & Anxiety Counselling for people who CAN NOT or WILL NOT re-tell their stories of emotional woundedness & pain.


"Silentia" is the Latin word for "silences". It describes and embraces my approach to each and every client. Silences are effectively used as a safe space to help your brain to do the necessary processing by itself. I find my joy in helping ordinary people to relieve their stress and anxiety in order to improve their quality of life.

Who Is Silentia Specialised Counselling

I feel so helpless and powerless...

If there is one thing of which I am 100% sure of (without scientific research) it is that all people in South Africa are suffering to some extent from some kind of trauma or anxiety caused by everyday experiences. What I am also sure about is that this causes immense pain and suffering among people.

About Johan Nickols

His motto in life is: "Live Consciously!" and he finds it sad that so many people die before they really lived their lives to the fullest!

After completing his theological training at The University of Pretoria in 2001 and 18 years in full-time ministry, he discovered the preciousness and depth of "silence". Currently, he guides many people in a contemplative spirituality as well on spiritual retreats. He qualified himself as a Spiritual Director and during his training his path crossed with Perspective Training College in Potchefstroom. Here he discovers the wonder of Multi-Level Neuro-Processing (MLNP™ ) and the possibilities it holds. He specialized in Trauma, Anxiety & Addiction Counselling.

What makes me feel totally powerless at times is that:

I know I can help them
They do not know that there is help available or do not seek the available support.
The public perception is that trauma and anxiety is something people just have to die with.
People think that if there is still help available, the healing process is slow and hard and that you can never completely heal emotionally
Clients feel that they need to “figure themselves out” before seeking the help they need.
As a Spesialised Counsellor registered with the Council for Pastoral and Spiritual Counsellors (CPSC) and affiliated with the Association of Christian Religious Practitioners (ACRP) I can help you even without you knowing the cause of the anger, anxiety or sadness.

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  • Five weeks ago, I felt like I was at the bottom of a very deep, dark hole. I was depressed, I was not sleeping, my entire life was in tatters. I was struggling to cope with the realities of miscarriage, I tried to forget the day I became a victim of sexual assault, I felt unloved, useless, abandoned, hatred, alone, not good enough. I was suffering from panic attacks, anxiety and could not see a way forward. I was experiencing dark thoughts and thought my life was worth nothing. When I looked in the mirror, I did not see me anymore.

    In 5 weeks, every single traumatic experience that happened in my life had been dealt with and the emotions attached are no longer part of me, thus without retelling all those hurtful stories!!

    This counselling goes beyond my expectations. You have surpassed all other counselling skills. Thank you.
  • My name is L, and I was suffering from anxiety and depression which cause physical pain in my neck and tension headaches. I was in physically and emotional pain every day. At one point it had gotten so bad that I wanted to end it all.

    I found Silentia on the internet and made my booking easily online. After my second session unfortunately, lockdown happened and we could not continue with my sessions, but it gave me time to think about my life and what was causing all the misery.
    It took just 2 sessions to change my mindset on how I viewed my life and with a little bit of soul-searching, I was able to get through this.
    I completely feel like a better version of myself and I found someone whom I am absolutely in love with and planning on spending the rest of my life with.
  • Ek het Johan aanvanklik kom sien as gevolg van drome oor my pa wat my die afgelope tien jaar fisies en emosioneel dreineer en uitgeput het.

    Ek het sewe sessies gehad. Hier het ons onder andere gewerk met ervarings uit my kinderdae – sonder om die stories oor te vertel! Vandag kan ek eerlik erken dat ek my Pa kon vergewe, hom los en vry kon maak. My las is soveel ligter en die drome is iets van die verlede!

    Ek is innig dankbaar dat ons paaie gekruis het en kan hom met 100% vrymoedigheid aanbeveel.
  • I had the privilege of meeting Johan from Silentia in July 2019 when I attended a BNI meeting.
    Being part of the BNI Network, I was able to consult with Johan on a personal level and I have referred several clients to him for counselling. To date the feedback and results have been fantastic. It has been extremely rewarding in being able to assist loved ones and business clients / suppliers to Johan, knowing that positive results will be achieved

    Laetitia (TradePro)
  • I was advised to go and see Johan when I went through a difficult time in my life. I was very hesitant, but I was desperate and gave it a try.
    Being a single parent and having a difficult childhood Johan has helped me to make peace with multiple things and made a huge impact on my life. I am still amazed at how much Johan has helped me.

    My life to today has been so much better since I spent some time with Johan.
    I will highly recommend him and the process to every single person!

Registered & Affiliated as a Specialised Counsellor with

Everyone has some kind of trauma or anxiety

If there is one thing of which I am 100% sure of (without scientific research) it is that all people in South Africa are suffering to some extent from some kind of trauma or anxiety caused by everyday experiences. What I am also sure about is that this causes immense pain and suffering among people.

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